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Fleet Management

Fleet management systems are popular. Why? Good fleet management software supports both the business and the personnel, and gives you real-time insight into your car fleet.

Finder online platform

The online platform Finder is the best in the industry, and puts control of even the most complex car fleet into your hands. Our fleet management system gives you the reporting you need in a way you can understand. We work with you to make your business processes as transparent as possible so you are getting the most out of your vehicles, shipments and people.

For whom?

Finder was developed for car fleet managers, car rental companies, leasing companies and transport companies to give them the most efficient possible fleet management system. It logs every journey, driver, passenger, running hour, fuel level, temperature, and much more. Our kilometre tracking system has been certified with the RRS quality mark and has been approved for use by the Dutch tax authorities.

Current location

Finder will even tell you exactly where your vehicles, shipments and people are.

Car fleet security

Finder includes a security solution that helps protect your cars and components from theft. The Finder platform uses a range of technologies, including GPS, RF, Sigfox and LoRa. In many cases, location can be tracked live and at one-second intervals.


A web app and mobile app give you access to our system and your personal, custom-configured dashboard wherever you are.


Finder gives you the ability to see everything that moves. Our system has the following four modules:

Finder Security supports:

  • Personal security
  • Certified object security (vehicles, craft, heavy equipment, tools, etc.)
  • Logistical security
  • Process security
  • and more

Finder logging supports:

  • Automated journey and kilometre logging
  • Running hours logging
  • Driver and passenger logging
  • Temperature, moisture, and movement logging
  • Asset management
  • Field Service support
  • Interfacing with CRM, HR and ERP systems
  • and more

Finder tracking and tracing supports:

  • Receiving automatic location information
  • Configurable location signal intervals
  • Downloading reports based on one-time or scheduled use
  • Geofencing and polygons for workflow applications
  • and more

Finder support and maintenance

  • Complete configuration of systems
  • Maintenance of the systems
  • Trouble-free integration
  • Fast delivery
  • and more

Finder, partner in mobility!

For more information, please see Finder, where you can read more about the packages and prices, or request a free demo.

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For everything that moves

If you have a lot of different objects and need real-time access to where they are and how they’re being used, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: Finder.