About Movida

Movida is a genuine family business. And like a family, we come together to achieve the best results for everyone. It’s a philosophy we extend to our clients. We keep the lines short and make sure that our services help build a long-term relationship.

Our main office is in Lelystad, the capital of an up-and-coming region in the Netherlands, and we have a second office in England. From these two offices we serve the European market, and right now are focusing on expanding our services into Ireland, Germany and Belgium.

Core business

Our primary task is to take issues like telecom, telematics, fleet management and installation needs off the hands of internal clients of corporate businesses, institutions and organizations. These days, a company has to have all its employees connected all over the world (‘M2M’, or machine-to-machine).

We also provide the hardware needed to do this, and can advise our clients on all their mobility issues. With our Total Telecom Management, we make all usage metrics transparent and we help companies stay on top of their telecom. Where necessary, we also conduct contract negotiations with telecom companies. Our motto is: don’t guess, know.

In recent years we have been expanding our services into new markets, including the nautical recreation industry in particular. Alongside telecom and telematics, our fleet management activities (tracking & tracing plus security) are in high demand.

Our team

At Movida we work with a team of driven professionals. Our shared passion is connecting mobility and communication. Whatever problems come along, we solve them – no matter what! For technical services, we have a dedicated VCA/SCM certified team specially for telecom and IT installations

Our products and services

All Movida products and services are based on cloud services. We offer platforms that connect the technology. Our complete package is made up of services including hardware, software, help desk and installation for:

Movida, more than Telecom!

Movida corporate video

Movida takes all your issues on telecommunications, telematics, fleet management and installation off your hands. How do we do that? Take a look. Movida, more than telecom!

The team

Get to know our team. Each and every one of us is a driven professional with a passion for our work. Available 24/7 and consummate experts at our jobs.


An expert by experience when it comes to sales and service. Brigitte knows better than anyone how to deal with relationships. Her years of experience in this industry help us to better represent our services. Brigitte is in her element fulfilling her position at Movida.

Brigitte Roelvink

Indoor service- and sales representer

Martina combines tremendous knowledge and expertise in administration and account management. Because Martina is happiest with her family around her, right in the thick of things at Movida is exactly where she wants to be.

Martina Moné


Daniël handles the IT organization – both within Movida and for the client. His background in the automotive industry helps him keep our field specialists on the road. And he loves to go the extra mile to make our services truly top-notch. There’s no one better at connecting automotive and telecom technologies.

Daniël Moné

IT Manager

Jeroen knows the ropes in the sector, and with his background in electronics he knows how to make the connection between our processes and what the client needs. He started out with Movida as an intern in telecom and telematics, and he never left – now, as a 25-year veteran, he knows what he’s talking about when he says: “It won’t get easier, it just gets better!” And he makes things better for clients with his cheerful nature, structured way of working, and sense of fun.

Jeroen Voolstra

Telecom Account Manager

As traffic manager Desiree keeps everything running smoothly. The daily work planning that she handles in her own unique way is what gets all our MDP Field Engineers where they need to be. It’s an intensive and challenging task that demands a lot of creativity, which Desiree has in spades.

Desiree van Sluis

Traffic Manager

Angela’s great strengths are patience and precision. She is also lightning-fast with everything that has to do with administration and order processing. She loves to learn new things and has the ambition to go places. She is totally committed and right at home in Movida’s dynamic environment.

Angela Meijer

Service Desk

Ed is ultimately responsible within Movida. Ed has a lot of experience in the field of sales and building new relationships by combining technology, service and passion into beautiful products and services.

Ed Moné


With the skills he’s gained in sports and in the military, Vincent is someone you want on your side. Thankfully, he now devotes those skills to our services. His passion? Always delivering a top performance – and that’s good news for you. He has extensive experience supervising teams, so is the perfect person to be in charge of the service aspects within our organization

Vincent Moné

Service Manager

John is a people person, and it shows in everything he does. In him clients see a person who understands them and would walk through fire for them. He’s always on the lookout for the solutions you’ll need tomorrow, both in accessibility and fleet management. He combines years of experience as dedicated account manager in both the automotive (fleet sales and leasing) and telecom sectors, and dedicates that experience fully to all existing and new clients of Movida.

John van Sluis

Telecom Account Manager

Arjan is our IT specialist who always has a smile on his face and the patience of an angel. No request is too big, and no question is too hard. After stints as Field Service Engineer and IT Service Engineer, he’s seen it all and has all the answers, which makes him a key figure for our service desk and our clients.

Arjan van der Velde

Service Desk

Our team is available 24/7 by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp and several other messaging systems.

Need help? We’re there for you.

Our job openings

Movida is looking for enthusiastic professionals to join our team. Browse through our job openings here.


Field service engineer (40 hours per week)

Het betreft een zelfstandige en ambulante functie. De werkzaamheden worden van huis uit op locatie uitgevoerd. Voor de uitvoering van de werkzaamheden krijgt de Field Service Engineer de beschikking over een bedrijfswagen inclusief de benodigde bedrijfskleding, apparatuur en gereedschap.

Gezien de verdeling van de werkzaamheden zijn wij op zoek naar kandidaten woonachtig in de regio Utrecht. 

View the job opening



Wauw! Uit het hart geschreven.
Zo uit het hart geschreven! Dankjewel Frank voor deze mooie persoonlijke getuigenis. Te veel eer, maar erg gewaardeerd.

Frank van Buggenum
Owner VB Interieurbouw


Finder geeft een veilig gevoel

Wederom een mooie testimonia mogen ontvangen van een tevreden relatie die Finder ervaart als science fiction!

André de Bruin



“Voor Movida gaat AMP Groep meer bezorgingen van mobiele telecom uitvoeren. Het is mooi om te zien dat Movida groeit en dat wij daar onderdeel van mogen zijn. Hier zijn we trots op.”,

Koos Verhave

AMP Groep


“Geen gehannes meer met het registreren van mijn zakelijk kilometers!”

Katarina Hartgers