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Installation of business telecommunications

The business market never stops moving, and every company wants to be out in front of it. And you need your equipment to be fast, efficient and safe. Over the past 20 years mobility and tech have become hard-wired into our operations. And the Dutch business world, from car fleet owners and transport companies to car leasing businesses, knows this and knows to come to us. From the installation of a single car kit to equipping an entire fleet with navigation systems and tracking devices. Whatever the task, our installation technicians are there for you.

Installation and assembly

Movida is the best at making and maintaining connections. That’s our passion and our strength. When it comes to installation and assembly of business telecommunications, telematics, mobility solutions, security, and fleet management we can help. And for maintenance, our business unit MDP is there for you.

Ready to roll

We make sure that all your new and replacement equipment is ready for use and installed with the right data and settings, delivered to any location in the Netherlands.

Our technicians make sure that a built-in hands-free set can be used from the minute you get in the car, that lease cars have the exact security and tracking features you asked for upon delivery, and that you always have the latest VoIP applications at your fingertips.

Of course, in the process we remove any equipment and devices you no longer need and, if desired, we can arrange for certified data deletion and disposal.

Our team

Our team is made up of driven professionals who love their work and who are available to you around the clock. We would put our team up against anyone else in the business, anywhere in the world.

They are truly committed to their work, and they love connecting people by installing the technology and mobility solutions that keep people connected every day.

Maintenance and management

Our work doesn’t stop when the network is online, the navigation system is installed and the security features are ready for use. For us, that’s only the beginning.

We know you expect us to keep it all running and you want to be using the latest technology at all times. That’s where our maintenance and management come in. We stay on top of the tech to keep you out in front!