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Our methods

At Movida, when we develop telecom, automotive and mobility concepts we are always thinking about the user. Our clients are companies and institutions with 1 to 20,000 employees who want to focus primarily on their core business and their goals. Telecom and telematics are tools designed to support and speed up processes. We focus on both the physical users of our solutions and the car fleet managers and buyers.

Because we take a custom approach to every client, ease of use, operational security and cost management are all inherently interwoven and coordinated with each other.


First, we analyse your needs in terms of telecom, mobility and the desired system interfacing.

Requirements and criteria

We then formulate the requirements and criteria for the various functions and departments within your organization.


After inventorying the technical possibilities and solutions, we actively explore every possible option for you, independently of brand, provider or platform, and walk you through them.

Contract negotiations

Based on your selection and after determining the risks and response times, we perform the contract negotiations.

Progress monitoring and follow-up

After completion of the full installation of the hardware and software, we take the progress monitoring and follow-up off your hands. We handle it all: the management of the webshop, authorization processes, system interfacing, journey logging, and of course reporting of user data, including alerts for irregularities and exceptions.

Scans, updates and real-time interfacing

We also conduct periodic scans, regular updates, scheduled reporting downloads and real-time interfacing.

Recycling and disposal

Proper collection, recycling or disposal of devices and hardware.

Help desk and support

24-hour assistance and support in the event of emergencies.