Movida – more than telecom


Movida supports businesses in all aspects of telecommunications and telematics, and keeps people mobile and visible. Our foundational principles are service, sales, operational excellence, security, privacy and sustainability. We focus all our energies on keeping your people going, wherever they are and wherever they need to be, and keeping them accessible at the lowest possible cost.

We offer you the maximum in freedom of choice. We give you streamlined reporting and tight controls for your organization. You decide: your needs, objectives and cost allocation, flexibly configurable for every position, and fully transparent.


Our team

Get to know our team. Each and every one of us is a driven professional with a passion for our work. Available 24/7 and consummate experts at our jobs.


Daniel is a young and enthusiastic team member with a natural talent for services. Intellectually curious and confident by nature, he takes on everything that comes his way. His technical acumen makes him a perfect addition to the service desk, where he’s always there to deliver the right support when it’s needed.

Daniel Meijer

Service Desk

Our team is available 24/7 by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp and several other messaging systems.

Need help? We’re there for you.

Angela’s great strengths are patience and precision. She is also lightning-fast with everything that has to do with administration and order processing. She loves to learn new things and has the ambition to go places. She is totally committed and right at home in Movida’s dynamic environment.

Angela Meijer

Service Desk

Ed is ultimately responsible within Movida. Ed has a lot of experience in the field of sales and building new relationships by combining technology, service and passion into beautiful products and services.

Ed Moné