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Mobile expenses and operational management

Total Expense Management (TEM)

The TEM application provides insight into mobile expenses for both users and management. This service is not yet well-known in the Netherlands, but is proving very popular internationally.

Your mobile communication expenses are presented to users with the suggestion that you can cut costs if the user is allowed to assess whether the number of minutes used presented is correct or not.
In the past, voice was always number one, followed by SMS and then data. But now, it’s the other way around: number one is data, followed by SMS and finally voice.

For most companies, this operates within a bundle and the agreements made with the provider apply for the whole organisation. This is why it is so important to have a clear insight into the figures for each department and each user in order to optimise procurement and also make the staff member aware of the costs they are incurring for the organisation. We regularly see situations where staff spend all day on the beach during their holiday abroad watching videos, little realising that it will cost the employer (a lot of) money. In one case, it even reached €20,000!

For companies, it is important to allocate costs accurately and therefore to devise policy on what is and what is not permitted within the organisation. The boundaries are currently becoming blurred as personal and business are increasingly intertwined and we no longer live in a 9-to-5 culture, but more of a 24-hour society. Precisely because personal and private communication use is becoming increasingly vague, it is important to have and maintain an insight into the costs because this also enables you to see when exactly the staff member was actively working for the company and whether the communication was secure.

Savings through Total Service Management (TSM)

Especially when tendering for hardware, it is important to have effective procurement. You want to have a clear insight into the costs. Our Total Service Management can help you with that. We are introducing life-cycle management to companies to help the organisation in purchasing hardware that can be used over the long term, ensuring that you as the employer are not dependent on passing fads.

You choose a good model for your organisation, generally not the latest model for cost reasons, but one or two versions back, complete with viable software from updates in order to ensure that the devices can remain available for the next three years. Anyone who leaves the company hands in the phone. This is reconditioned by us and we arrange for its return to the organisation. The hardware undergoes a cycle, without having to be replaced. One of the very few costs you have to pay is to replace a screen or housing. The hardware has guaranteed availability and, if you change models, you are not subjected to huge repair costs.

Staff generally think that when their phones break, they are given a new phone. But that is not the case. They are not given a new model, but a new device. The old one is repaired or disposed of sustainably, sent to scrap or taken apart or repurposed and registered. In addition, when existing models are phased out, we ensure that we actively invite staff to be offered a new choice of hardware, obviously in close consultation with the company.
The device management we operate for the organisation also ensures that the use of data is secure.

Who are the services intended for?

Total Expense & Service Management is suitable for any company that has to juggle mobile expenses. Or any company having to deal with the operational management of mobile phones, MDM or configuring roles and rights. It is worth considering for companies with ten or more devices. In many cases, the company’s own ICT department is unable to deal with this, because it is too busy, lacks the necessary knowledge or there is no special service desk to respond to internal staff. This means that it can easily be neglected by many companies.

But we are also living in a time where we face real shortages on the labour market. So, we really need to make good use of the staff we have and help them to support the core business by taking any TEM and TSM issues off their hands. We provide the technical know-how, you have the solution.

If you’d like to know more about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.