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Research has shown that most organizations want to deal with one party for all their business telecommunication needs. That’s the way to guarantee optimal integration, cost leverage and clear points of contact. Are you one of those organizations? We’re ready to be the partner for you.

Telecommunications and telematics

We help businesses with all aspects of telecommunications and telematics, and keep people mobile and visible. Our business telematics and telecom services are geared to keep lines short so you can move faster. We know that you come to us because we guarantee high-quality phone services, specialized support and right-first-time delivery. Whether it’s business VoIP, mobile phone services or landline connections, all our telecom services are available to you at competitive prices and transparent rates.

For whom?

Our client portfolio is made up of medium-sized and large companies and institutions ranging from one to 20,000 employees. Our strength? We streamline all the telecommunications processes within your company so you can focus on your own business and your own goals.

How does it work

The employees of your business or organization choose how and when they are accessible and what device or devices they want to be accessible on. Make Movida your telecom operator: we can even answer your calls for you. You keep tabs on the costs at all times, thanks to the competitive contract rates and automatic financial alerts. For installations, we are your one-stop shop: you receive new and replacement devices where you need them, installed and configured correctly with your contacts, settings, and CRM data.

VoIP for business calls

With the Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), also known as Voice over IP or IP telephony, voice communication and digital information go over the internet or your intranet. That means your calls don’t go over analogue phone lines (PTSN) or digital phone lines (ISDN) at all. VoIP allows your employees to make calls securely within your own business network, out in the field and even abroad, while also having access to all the data they need, all within the costs of your data package. It’s the solution we’ve all been waiting for! And it can be connected to existing systems and installations, to save you money. VoIP integrates landlines and mobile phones, and users can configure their own forwarding systems as needed.

Mobile telephony

There was a time when having a mobile phone was extremely expensive and complicated. Today, that seems like a long time ago. In that time, we’ve learned how to save companies every penny they can on their telecom services and mobile devices, while keeping maximum user-friendliness and freedom of choice. Our first-line expert and service teams keep you ‘on the air’. For your peace of mind, we can offer you an SLA that will guarantee you 24-hour repair or replacement of devices, even abroad.


Phone and internet services via landline are on their way out – in fact, in the Netherlands the shutdown of ISDN services has already been announced. That means if you’re still using an ISDN phone system, it’s time to switch to an alternative like VoIP. That will have other advantages, too, for example: your switchboard need no longer be in one fixed location. And you will never have to worry about keeping track of everyone’s desk and mobile numbers again. Want to know more about the possibilities? Ask us! We can transport you into the digital age fast and economically.

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