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Telecom Expense Management

Whichever system for business telephone services or telematics you choose, Movida ensures that you get the optimum balance between freedom of choice and ease for the user. And of course, we keep sight of the goal of saving you money on your telecom costs, so we work hard to give you the best prices and a transparent rate structure.

Cost management, savings on your telecom

Saving money on your business telephone services and telematics is an extremely important concern for any organization. At Movida, Telecom Expense Management is one of our key focus areas. We make sure that our statements, reporting and analyses of telecom costs are clear and transparent, so you are always making the right choices.

Employee profiles in your own webshop

In the business webshop, where your “enterprise app store” is located, we create detailed job and employee profiles, in which we configure all the options and limitations. The advantages of doing this are:

  • Employees order authorized devices and apps directly through the webshop
  • The subscription choice and availability requirements are coordinated for the individual profile and company policy
  • An alert function lets you know whenever an individual telecom budget or limit is exceeded
  • Data is secure even with existing devices and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

No added work for your IT department

The employees of Movida handle all questions and problems about how to use the devices, accessories and installed options. Movida also enters all policies and updates centrally. This prevents extra work for your own IT department and saves you money! So your employees can focus on the business activities that are important for your organization, and leave the telecom to us. Isn’t that a relief?

But your employees still have direct access to our support staff, who they can always reach with any question about an existing device or accessory and new releases of hardware and updates.

Save money with good financial reporting, analyses and monitoring

Movida takes the guesswork out of your telecom services with verified and quantifiable processes. Thanks to our high degree of automation, we can give you reporting on all individual devices and employees – device information, logging and used data. We also keep tabs on the operators and service providers you select, so we can make the best changes in your plans and packages the minute that doing so would be beneficial to you. The link between the central system and mobile devices ensures that all information is available in real time, in a clear and transparent format.

The following services are included:

  • Monthly upload of all data
  • Payment via one invoice
  • Automatic cost allocation
  • Analyses based on calling details
  • Monitoring and alert reporting raises user awareness