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Modular TOSIBOX® technology

Secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management

The anatomy of IoT solutions

We believe that success in the era of the Internet of Things is simply a matter of connections, and connectivity is the core of IoT. Today the need for reliable connectivity is greater than ever:

By 2020 more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some elements of IoT. Secure connectivity is essential for remote access, remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging. TOSIBOX® helps you to harness IoT for your business.


How TOSIBOX® Plug & GoTM works

The Iridium 9555 features a dramatically redesigned and amazingly intuitive user interface – making reliable communication more efficient than ever. So easy, you can start making calls right out of the box. Skip the traditional learning curve – and maybe the need for the user manual.

It is the only satellite phone that provides 100 percent global coverage -whether you’re still or in motion – walking, running, driving, or working. Iridium is the only company that has offered real mobile, real global and real rel ia bie satellite phone service of over a decade.


Modular TOSIBOX® technology

TOSIBOX® solution consists of modular components that
offer unlimited expandability and flexibility. All products
are compatible with each other. The technology can also be
integrated into OEM devices.

  • TOSIBOX® Key is a client used to access the network.
  • TOSIBOX® Lock is an industry router sharing
    access to devices.
  • TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock is the platform for
    network and access rights management.

TOSIBOX® Lock 200





TOSIBOX® Lock 100